Mission Statement

Your retention of PKA will provide you with the resources and security of having a law firm comprised of attorneys experienced in multiple disciplines providing general counsel services on an as needed basis at a fraction of the cost of bringing such talents in-house. Due to the vast experience of our attorneys we have tackled almost every conceivable issue which your business might encounter ranging from: (i) shareholder/member disputes to grand jury subpoenas to avoiding anti-trust issues to merger and acquisition. More specifically, PKA can guide you through:

  1. Formation and Structure

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • LLC Agreements

  • Trademark

  • Employee handbook and Corporate Governance.

  1. Ongoing governance including succession planning

  2. Admitting and Removing members/shareholders


  1. Capital Calls and Equity Infusions;

  2. Financing –

    • Transaction Structuring and Financial Modeling;

    • Contract Negotiation;

    • Secured Transactions;

    • Workouts and Restructuring.

  3. Supply Agreements, Vendor Agreements and Distribution Agreements

  4. Leases

  5. Contracts

  • M&A
  • NDA’s
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Employment Agreements
  • Termination of employment agreements
  • License Agreements
  1. Closing Facilities

  • WARN Act

  1. Real Estate Acquisition/Sale

  • 1031

  • Reverse 1031

  1. Labor

  • CBA

  • Withdrawal Liability

  • Double Breasting

  1. Litigation

  • Contract disputes

  • Collection cases

  1. Creditor in Bankruptcy

Avoiding preferential transfer issues


  • Minority oppression cases

  • Breach of fiduciary duty cases

  • Grand jury investigations